Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Absolut Rainbow "Love Is Love" Launch Party

Another Pride Weekend rolled by and London was in full celebration mode from Friday till....well, some are still going if you ask me.
As usual, Soho was crammed with people, mostly topless or rainbowed, streets were all pedestrianised and many were so busy, you needed hours to cross from one end to the other.
All bars and clubs had themed Pride events and many of the big brands joined the frenzy by sponsoring this or that, from Starbucks to Barclays, it seems everyone wanted to cash-in on the trend. Well, with gay marriage just hot off the yes vote in Ireland and the US supreme court, the trend is stronger than ever. One brand that has been a long-time supporter of the Gay Agenda is Absolut, so naturally, we were most interested in the Launch Party they threw at the exclusive Soho venue - The Groucho Club. Started as a somewhat private affair, the club was filling up fast and by 6pm literally the who's who of the scene were all present.
With the help of DJs Mark-Ashley Dupé, Maze&Masters and Fat Tony, performances by Mz Kimberly and the ever-so refreshing presence of London's exuberant Club Kids (this time represented by the current leaders of the pack - House Bound) the party quickly turned into the hottest event of the weekend. Anyone from D-listers to A-listers and in between were letting their hair down and sipping those sweet Absolut cocktails. I wonder how my head didn't punish me the following day. All in all, the night was a pure indulgence and Absolut proved once again that they know how to throw an awesome event. The fun was supposed to end by 11pm but of course that got extended till 2am... naturally.
Let's see who looked cool....