Wednesday, 15 June 2011

BOY GEORGE CELEBRATES HIS 50th Birthday with [club-kid] style...

Another amazing night for the club-kids calendar just proved that London still has IT and IT is in full force. Culture Club frontman and original Blitz-kid - Boy George celebrated his 50th birthday last night at The Lightbox, in Vauxhall. Guests enjoyed pimms in the early evening and exchanged phone numbers with people they once knew      ....until the party warmed up and the club kids arrived to add a dash of colour and thrill.  

The media of course, had mixed feelings, one calling it a "terrifyingly horrid looking party" 

But we can't disagree more....



 "As well as a host of transvestites, George was joined by a selection of PVC-clad ghouls and  other creepy-looking creatures, some clad in bondage gear." [the SUN]

Naddy Sane                                      MynameisKabir and Lady Lloyd                           
                Stephen Jones with Visage's Steve Strange                                              and with Judith Frankland   

              Will the real Jodie Marsh please stand UP!                                     Judah Jordan with a friend


Scene queen and DJ Jodie Harsh                                                                                     Bambi Fantastic

..."everyone is wearing such outlandish costumes, not because they don't have anything to say to each other and are all so wrapped up in their own monstrously boring narcissitic hells that the idea of thinking about another person for even a millisecond sends them into a coke-fueled nosedive, it's because they have too much to say, and care too much about other people, so mouths have been relegated and the party has become simply a feast for the eyes."...

                                                                                             Julius Reuben 
                               Antonio Gigliotta with a friend          

Pandemonia                                                                                                          Chrissy Darling

Francic Rushby                                                                                                    Burger Kim
Burger Kim                                                                                                      Lady Bunny
  Lady Bunny & Oggy Yordanov
Princess Julia                                                                               Tasty Tim &  Lady Lloyd
 Chrissy Darling, Oliver Frost and Marc Massive
Beth Ditto                                                      Daniel Lismore

  Josh Quinton with Angel Rose and friends
                           Designer Pam Hogg