Thursday, 9 June 2011

In Focus: The Very Miss Dusty "O"

This month saw the release of a new video by one of our scene's all-round artists -  DJ, writer, comedienne and performer - the one and only - Dusty O

You can catch Dusty DJing at Shadow Lounge, Ku bar or Trannyshack and before we have a look at the video, here are a few Q&A's with Dusty to throw more light on what we can expect from it.

 Hi Dusty, what are you doing at this moment when we catch you for a quick chat?

I am reclining on my big , naff , gold bed typing your answers darling !

Of course you are. Now, as we all know, your new video has just been released, tell us a bit about the concept of the video, what is the song about and for those who haven't heard it yet, what to expect?

The video is myself and my family of friends at Madame JoJo's having fun and looking gorgeous. What more could anyone want from a video? The song is all about being yourself and coming out and doing and being what you want to be and do.

 Madamme JoJo's is, of course, the venue where your infamous night TrannyShack UK is taking place every Wednesday night. 
It's no secret that you have had other records in the past. How many and which was the most successful?

This is my 7th single . They all paid for themself but never really set the charts on fire. However thats not why i did them really . They have all been fun in their own way .

 How did you get involved in the music business and how easy it is to make music today compared to ten-twenty years ago?

Anyone can make music today. That is fantastic. People get to hear it via the internet and even though it may not make you a fortune, it gets you out there.

  There is a permanent 80's aura around you, be it the clothes, the make-up, even in your music dare I say. Why not disco 70s or Punk even, how come the 80's New Romantics became your signature stamp for all these years? 

Because i like the 80's. They were formative years for me. Why change a winning formula?  

 That's great because we love that about yourself.  Now, in the new video you bring together many of the scene regulars and new club-kids as well. Are they your audience / is the song about them? 

Its about anyone who is not living the way they really want . Be that Mary from Wakefield who really wants to be with a woman not a man or Miss Thing from San Francisco who wants to be the most fierce girl on the scene .... it is about dreams. We all have them.

 In the many years of DJing and having a strong presence on the club scene, there must have been many a memorable moment. What comes to mind if you have to pick one or two?

I get asked this all the time but there are too many to remember one or two over any others. My best experience is being given the opportunity to do what i want for a million years. That is what is best.

 Over the past ten years I have noticed that the Drag scene has expanded. For the better or worse? What was it like when you first started dressing up? 

It hasnt really, you were just not there in the early 90's . Drag was bigger then than now i think . These days because of the net it has just become more visible .

 True. And lastly, is there another single on the line? An album perhaps?

Both but I am saying nothing at the moment.

Okay, so let's leave it there and have a look at this video, shall we:

WAT2DO (Come OUT!)

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