Saturday, 9 May 2015

WUT CLUB - Larry Tee's leaving party

Last Friday was the last WUT Club party with producer and DJ extraordinaire Larry Tee.
Having worked with the likes of Ru Paul back in the hey day of the Club Kids in New York, Larry moved to London in the early noughties. He has been a permanent fixture on our scene ever since and it is sad to see him leave us. He is making his way over to Berlin where he will continue to open doors for many young artists and we wish him all the best in his next step. It was a great leaving do Larry and you will be missed.
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Thursday, 7 May 2015

In Focus: Ollywood.

 Oly Innes (a k a Ollywood) 26 

Originally from Worthing (just outside Brighton), Oly moved to London 8 years ago to study photography at London College of Fashion. He is a regular party host and a scene heartthrob to both girls and boys alike. Here is an insight into Ollywood world.
-What is your style, how would you describe it and your influences?
There's two sides to me I guess. There's a side that always wants to be seen as very masculine and dark. When I feel like that I usually want to do a Tom of Finland look or something "gothy" or horror. Then there's another side of me that is super camp. Problem is, I make the ugliest woman ever, so I usually have to fuck it up a bit to make it work.
- Where do you go out? Which clubs do you like and make you feel most yourself at?
Well I used to work a lot in nightlife so I was everywhere, working at every party that would hire me. Now I go out a lot less and make a lot of effort when I do. I never really feel myself when I'm out. But I love Sink the Pink, Dalston Superstore and bars like The Glory and George and Dragon.
- What is the scene like in your home town? Is extreme dressing up a thing there or is it almost unthinkable?
Worthing is very quiet, it's mostly populated by old people so all the teenagers there are very frustrated. I was shouted at in the street for dressing a bit too strangely as an adolescent. The types of stuff I wear out in London would not be appreciated back there. I try not to go back there too much cos when I do I get sad at how "behind" everyone seems.
- Why do you love dressing up? What does it bring?
I didn't use to dress up much, it's mostly been a recent thing. I gave up alcohol and drugs 7 months ago. I wanted to still go out like I used to but I was finding it hard, I was getting nervous and shy. Wearing a costume is an amazing tool to help me feel more confident and helps me become a character.
- Have you had negative responses to your appearance?
Not really. I've heard of queens being abused in the streets and that's terrible. If you're going out in a look try and get a cab and stay in a group.
- And to end on a more positive note, how has dressing up helped you be who you are?
I see a huge difference between who I am with my friends or at home and who I am when I go out. When I go out I tend to become withdrawn because i get nervous. But when I wear a costume I become an alter ego. I can be sassy with people and be silly without needing to drink or do drugs.  It's been an amazing release for me.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

GOLDDIGGERS First Birthday Party

Hey, it's already been a year since Golddiggers started at club Egg. Seriously? Time went by so fast. The party was loooong, starting at around 2pm and went on and on and...on...till way after midnight.
Who was there? Let's have a look....
Cynth Icorn 
 Emily Clayton 
 Eppie Conrad
Luke Harris 
 Smiley Virus
 Carl Illingworth
Antonio Gigliotta
 Lewis G Burton
Vinny G Laroche                                                 Smiley Virus 
Alekssandra and her tits                                                           
Sebastian Owsianka                                               Alejandro Gocast
Naddy Sane                                                          Adrian Rybak
 The Roustabouts                                                      James Taylor   
 Luke Harris
 Bright Daffodil 
promoter Laurence Malice & Rosemary Turner
 Jason Summerfield
Hmm ..
Ursula Snakes 
 Oggy Yordanov
               all images ©O.Yordanov 2015