Friday, 30 November 2012

Kylie launches her new book with a glitzy party

On Wednesday 28.Nov was the launch of Kylie's new book at the fabulous Penthouse at Harrods and it was very much a private affair. Only a handful of Harrods invertors, some of the publisher's trustees and a few friends and industry professionals formed the guestlist of this exclusive event taking place after closing hours.
Looking dazzling in a bright-yellow Stella McCartney tassels-rich dress and those signature salmon-pink Loboutins,  Kylie graced the dancefloor and made an effort to speak to all guests like a true host. There were lots of giggles, hugs and photos going on in the room, I had a high-five moment with the princess for my support of Movember and some warm words of admiration were exchanged with designer Gareth Pugh 
who is responsible for this amazing look taken from the new book.
Close friend Jeff Leatham did a fantastic job with the flower arrangement which was in abundance of 7000 red and pink roses and orchids flown in all the way from Holland and there were artisan canopies that we washed down with strawberry daiquiris all carefully selected by Kylie herself. What can I say, whatever she touches exudes sophistication and class.

Kylie and Jeff Leatham

The book is available at all good stores including amazon and has everything you ever need from a career that has spanned 25 years already. Some of her most alternative looks are amongst my favourite, go check it out peeps.

Published by Thames and Hudson and titled "Kylie Fashion" and retails between £20 and £28 in the UK.

Kylie and Oggy Yordanov