Saturday, 10 November 2012

In Focus: Achraf Amiri

Last Thursday Sorapol showcased those freakishly-amazing masks that were featured on his latest show that we covered a few posts ago.

The event took place at Illamasqua store in Soho. The place was transformed into a decadent dressing room, complete with fag-full ashtrays, mirrors with lines of glittery powder, lots of make up and all the necessary night-life accessories.

We caught up with the new it-boy: illustrator and designer of the masks himself - Achraf Amiri, who only moved to London last year and has already made a strong impression on the club-kid scene with his colour-blocking outfits and even more striking art pieces, drawings, short films and an all-round charisma. What was the idea begins the masks?

AA: The idea is how a person form the high society gets drawn into this fantasy world, full of pleasure, hedonistic pursuit and escapes from the real world. Taking the Sorapol medicine, this person is immersed into this other world which is colourful and glamorous.
What exactly is the Sorapol Medicine, I wonder... 
AA: It's some herbs, I'd say, mixed with lots of glitter, very colourful and fabulous.
Right, maybe later then, so how long it took to get the masks done?
AA: I worked on these for about 3 days, 8 masks per day, they are all dedicated to different celebrities as such was the brief I received from Sorapol.
Great. Now that this is completed, what's  next?
I'm now working on my first magazine project. Of course, it will be full of illustrations, creativity, the pages will be very dynamic, the idea is to inspire other people. I like grotesque, creepy, eerie and that will show on the pages. 
Sounds impressive. Watch this space peeps, we will be seeing more of this boy.