Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sorapol Presents Euphoria - S/S 2013

Imagine you find yourself at the Vanity Fair Oscars Afterparty around 6am when everyone is completely smashed, yet still trying to keep a straight line. 
Some succeed. Others...not so much. 

Such was the spectacle we witnessed on Friday night at the third fashion show of the fresh new label Sorapol London

Impeccably presented was the story of Catherine, a young, rich socialite, who dipped into Pandora's delightfully dangerous box with both hands in search of her dream for a world where the routine of human life is less obsolete; where fantastical extravagance is commonplace. 

The show arrived on a panther-head motorbike, roaring its way through the catwalk, from which point we found ourselves at the centre of this high-society extravaganza, where models were turned into scary dolls; each representing an iconic figure from times past to present. 

And what a guestlist that was. There was a Marilyn, a Whitney, Naomi, Kate and Britney (with her skull-shaven the "IT" style), Beyonce, Eddie Sedgwick and a Marilyn Manson too. To my surprise even a brilliantly drunk "Lindsey Lohan" stumbled amongst them, ravishing her purse and all. 

When I first arrived backstage around 5pm, I was surprised to see a green-haired Aiden Shaw [google him if you must] and our own 'it' boy Luke Worrall, I realised we will finally discover what is Sorapol's man like. He is sexy, tough and with a penchant for leather. A typical performer extraordinaire he must be, which goes also for the rest of the pieces of the show. To me, the strongest statement of this collection is that Sorapol doesn't try to make commercial,  ready-to-wear clothes for the masses, this is a brand that doesn't fit in your 'day-to-day' wardrobe. It sits more comfortably in your 'special-occasions'  one. Conceptual and non-trendy in a good way, as trends are here today, gone tomorrow. Conceptual fashion lasts longer and often is appreciated even more after time. 

The show started about 8pm, almost an hour after the announced time which gave us more time to chat to friends and network a little. Some even opted for a dance [Philip, I'm looking at you...] while I had a lovely chat with the gorgeous Ruth Brown [of The Voice earlier this year] sitting beside me. Apparently she is recording at the moment, so we will quietly wait to see and hear more of her in the future.

It was also, a nice surprise to have Vince Kidd [of The Voice too] closing the show with a live performance of a Mick Jagger classic while models were lining up to make an exit from this party. "This bus terminates here. Please take your belongings." - reality hit in our faces and off we went.

All-in-all the show was bold, avant-garde, elegant at times and crazy at most. It was everything you could expectto see when you step into the world of Sorapol and Daniel Lismore. It is a vision they share and a great passion for the weird and the non-trivial, which I admire in them. 

backstage, a little earlier....

©Oggy Yordanov 2012