Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The XX new release "Coexist" out on 10.Sep.2012

We are very excited to finally get a preview of the new album of the London band The XX titled Coexist. It's been a while since Romy Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith won the Mercury Music Prize in 2009 for their self-titled debut and everyone was wondering when the follow-up will finally arrive, so it comes as a relief to all the fans that in less than a week the new CD hits the stores worldwide. True to their signature style, the songs we previewed have the usual soft, electronic drums and those beautiful, monotonous, low guitar riffs, reminiscent of a bygone New Romantic era. This said, we love every second of it and were over the moon to find that no dramatic change of direction was taken, after all, we waited patiently nearly 3 years to receive more of the XX medicine. Indeed, Coexist flows very much like a slow dose of a hypnotic potion on a cold, lazy afternoon. Quite in time for Autumn then, one should think. Discussing the sound of the album in June, Smith said: "We've all come back off tour and been partying a bit more. We left when we were 17 and we missed out on that chunk of our lives when everyone else was partying. Club music has definitely had an influence on this record." On a first hearing we love Fiction, Tides, Missing (some of our favourite lyrics there) and the more up-tempo Sunset, but the one that really stands out, is the opening track Angels. Fans were offered a free download to the track with the pre-order of the new CD and you can also see it here.
All in all, Coexist is the prefect successor to the splendid debut which catapulted The XX into the British Indie Hotlist.
"COEXIST"  is out on 10.Sep.2012 in UK and 11.Sep in the US